Hello, @SparkleWildfire here. 


You might be wondering why I'm called that. Well, it stems from a pathological love of glitter, having ginger hair, and a theoretical moment of madness while filling out a deed poll form.

I'm a passionate advocate of Evidence-Based Medicine and have been a registered pharmacist for more years than I care to freely admit. I've worked in the hospital and community sectors as well as in medicines information and prescribing support. 

This blog is one way in which I fight the good fight against pseudoscience and quackery. It's my own little way of shouting about how useful the principles of skepticism can be in healthcare and beyond. 

I hope you enjoy it here. 




Commenting on comments is just so meta.


Blog comments are currently not enabled. This makes me a little sad. 

Its not because I don't love hearing from you, and its not because I'm desperately trying to suppress anyone who disagrees with me. It's purely because I just don't have the time to properly moderate them. I end up with a huge backlog that I always mean to respond to but never get round to, and that makes me feel super guilty. So I thought, instead of doing a half-arsed job, I'll just switch them off for now. 

Rest assured, i will switch them back on in the event of a few extra hours being added onto every day or a lottery win. 



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I won't respond to pseudo-scientific nonsense, spam, or rudeness. 

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